Who makes our clothes?

We are a queer, female-owned company that works with other women across the industry to create our clothing. We are committed to creating ethically made clothing that is as sustainable as possible and we will never use animal products. Our manufacturer is WRAP Gold Certified and BSCI certified, so you know that we are meeting or exceeding international social compliance standards. Our manufacturer is located in Jiangyin, Wuxi, China and all our fabrics are sourced from Guangzhou, Shaoxing, China.  

Being WRAP Gold Certified means there is no forced labour, no child labour, no harassment or abuse, no discrimination, proper compensation and benefits for workers, limits on working hours, a safe, clean and healthy working environment, freedom of association and collective bargaining, compliance with legally mandated environmental standards and demonstrate a commitment to protecting the environment by actively monitoring environmental practices, and more. 

Our manufacturer aims to turn the principles of Social Responsibility into a corporate culture so social compliance standards are rigorously applied within the company. They execute production of goods and services in line with the highest internationally accepted Social Compliance standards. They are committed to guaranteeing their employees have all the rights to which they are entitled by law and other applicable standards, conforming to all occupational health and safety rules, and always acting with a view to avoid environmental pollution wherever possible.