The Agatha
The Agatha
The Agatha
The Agatha
The Agatha

The Agatha

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Size chart

Dress Sizing

Please ensure you measure yourself and check your measurements with the CORRECT sizing chart as there are no returns. We are currently in the process of changing up our size chart hence why there ARE MULTIPLE size charts at the moment. Please email us at with any questions and we will be more than happy to help you find the best size. We apologize for the confusion!

Size Chart for: The Georgina dress, the Emma dress (both colours), the Dahlia dress (black only), & the Victoria dress (both colours)

NOTE: Sizing has been updated as of May 2023

Bust (inches) Waist (inches)
XXS 31-32 25-26
XS 33-34 27-28
S 35-36 29-30
M 37-38 31-32 
L 39-40 33-34
XL 41-42 35-36
2XL 43-44 37-38
3XL 46-47 40-41
4XL 48-49 43-44
5XL 51-52 45-46


Size Chart for: Agatha dress, Dahlia dress (crimson and ivory), Wilhelmina dress

Bust (inches) Waist (inches)
XXS 33-34 26-27
XS 35-36 28-29
S 37-38 30-31
M 39-40 32-33
L 41-42 35-36
XL 43-44 37-38
2XL 45-46 39-40
3XL 48-49 42-43
4XL 50-51 45-46
  • 43% cotton 54% polyester jacquard
  • Has deep pockets 
  • Square neckline
  • 18th century sleeve
  • Deep pockets
  • Back zipper
  • Fitted (no stretch)

The Agatha ensures that you are dressed for the occasion, whether that be high tea in the courtyard or a moonlight stroll with your sweetheart. The Agatha emits an air of gothic mystère with a square neckline that beckons a second look. Inspired by elements of late 18th century French designs and Victorian Mourning fashion, the Agatha channels historical beauty into a wearable, practical, and eye-catching must-have.

Picture 1: Model is 5’6 and is wearing size 2XL.
Picture 2 & 3: Model is 5'6 and is wearing a XS.

ALL SALES FINAL - please check size chart before purchasing.

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